Brandstifter — Baumeister — Feuerlöscher is an initiative with the purpose of becoming a global audio podcast about personal burnout stories.

Everyone can share their personal story - whether anonymously or openly - as well as listen to anecdotes from thousands of affected fellows.


The vision of is to be the world’s largest audiothek for personal burnout experiences, with the aim of curbing people away from burnout as well as making people who are suffering from burnout happy again.

For this we will be interviewing thousands of people, from the multi-millionaire to the dishwasher. We believe that we can learn from every subjective story, from every “failure”, and grow both personally and professionally from it.



The project is still in it’s infancy. Currently we are collecting and recording burn-out stories as well as strengthening the organisation with business-savvy leaders with know-how in digital publishing and/or ideally also with their own experience with burn-out who enjoy working on the structuring of a media platform.

We plan to go live in 2018.


Do you have a history of burnout, feel vulnerable or are in the middle of it?

If you want to tell us your burnout story or are interested in developing our initiative,

please get in touch with the founder Mike Lanner.

+43 664 2379479

Use if you wish to get in touch with Mike confidentially.

threema ID: J4XP7MT8


postal adress:

c/o mike lanner

van-swieten-gasse 14/14

1090 vienna