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About Mike

Driven by the fear of being no. 2

What’s your driving force? Performance used to be mine. My driver and how I measured my self-worth used to be defined by the revenue the companies I worked for or co-founded made. As a business and economics graduate, and someone who started their career by cold-calling people to sell advertisements in newspapers before I began a marketing agency, profits were my ultimate goal.

Priorities change. I craved creating with my hands. I wished for my work to have an actual impact on society and people, which led Moriz Piffl and I to start Gebrüder Stitch. The promise? Making organic jeans that actually fit. Tired of how the fashion industry works (or doesn’t), we aimed at making things differently. And different they were. We started a conversation about making and social responsibility; about actively participating in society. We felt encouraged by the positive feedback from friends, strangers, and media. We were on a high, starting all sorts of businesses, but all focussing on people, their values and authentic experiences. We founded Vollpension, a cross-generational café. We gave a new spin to the traditional Austrian pub, and at some point, we were even discussing producing a TV series.

However, I had to learn the hard way that neither profits nor media presence or change-making were all that important. In 2016 I had a burnout. I had to rethink my values and think about what it meant to run a business that was both profitable and aligned with my needs. Especially because I was also about to become a father.

Today, I am involved in a number of ventures. As a business consultant, I share the lessons I’ve learned as someone who’s founded and helped grow a number of brands and products. If you’re in Vienna, you should visit and say hi! If you’re anywhere else and want to drop me a line, don’t hesitate to do so via email.


Business Consulting


Some of the best solutions are hidden in plain sight. If you feel like you need a bird’s eye perspective and someone to bounce ideas off, I can be that sparring partner. In today's rapidly changing business world, which is often also highly competitive, it’s crucial to think outside the box. Whether you want to grow your company, pursue a new direction, or introduce a new product line, I might be able to help. With 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and with an additional focus on marketing, customer centricity and sales, I help businesses design strategies and accompany with hands-on implementation support.

I specialize in:

  • customer journey and touchpoint analysis

  • business model innovation

  • entrepreneurial thinking/process design

Together with your team, we’ll focus on identifying solutions for operative and strategic pain points that limit stakeholder value, sales, increase profit, and support growth and/or social impact. I accompany teams until there is proof the proposed strategies worked.

Recent projects:

  • Vienna Business Agency - Startup Services Department: Developing new services adding value to startups & SMEs, positioning the Startup Hub Vienna

  • Volkshilfe Wien - Senioren Wohnen GmbH: Developing and prototyping  business models for “Active Aging” and the future of senior living concepts

  • European Forum Alpbach - Facilitation for the Political Thinktank Re:Think Austria 2018

Want to work with me? Let’s discuss what I can do for you.


Startup Incubation

From MVP to small-scale profitability in 24 months

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Would you like to make a dent in this universe with your own business? Do you wish for a sparring partner?

I inspire, strengthen, and accompany founders to help them successfully launch their businesses. I help break down barriers and dismantle fears that prevent talented people from becoming inspired founders. I focus on helping build businesses that both add value to people’s lives and generate actual profits instead of needing long-term investment and immediate scale to succeed financially.

The promise of my startup incubation support is to get from an MVP to small scale profitability within 24 months. In case the founder desires to accelerate the business with outside investment, I help get them ready for A-series funding. Through mentoring, minor cash investments and introducing to a valuable network in exchange of equity, I offer founders hands on resources to successfully start and elevate a business venture.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this opportunity.




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